United Way Awards Grant to Good Samaritan Ministries

Greater Ottawa County United Way is proud to announce that Good Samaritan Ministries has been awarded a grant to grow their capacity to provide more affordable housing in Ottawa County. The grant is being awarded through United Way’s Responsive Grant Fund, which is part of the Housing Initiative Fund. The Responsive Grant Fund creates or funds innovative projects with local partners outside of United Way’s typical funding cycle. Grants are awarded by a panel of funders and housing experts assigned by the Housing Next Leadership Council.

The purpose of the grant is to build Good Samaritan Ministries’ capacity to provide high quality property management services to private landlords renting to households earning less than 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI). Affordable units are defined as rental rates at or below the fair market rates published by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) by unit size. The current competitive market rates in Ottawa County usually exceed the fair market rates.

The grant would provide the startup funding and support needed to reach the scale necessary to be a self-sustaining service funded by fees from landlords. The grant would also fund incentives and services to increase the number of affordable units available and increase the housing stability of households. The grant funds will be utilized over a three-year period in order to achieve sufficient scale to be self-funded.

Good Samaritan Ministries Executive Director Drew Peirce said, “Good Samaritan Ministries is thrilled to partner with United Way, the Lakeshore Housing Alliance, churches, nonprofits and benevolent landlords to provide high quality property management services for those making less than 80% of the Area Median Income. Too many renters are spending an unsustainably high percentage of their income on housing costs, keeping families in crisis. By increasing the number of affordable rentals in Ottawa County, we all can help more families thrive in Ottawa County.”

To learn more about Good Samaritan Ministries and their work in our community, please visit www.goodsamministries.com.


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