Misty's Story





Every day, Live United volunteers are doing their part to make our community a better place to live.  The United Way Volunteer Center has mobilized over 350 volunteers specifically to serve in the COVID-19 crisis.  Supporting our older population at home is one of the ways they help.  Since the beginning of the crisis, United Way volunteers have been boxing food, delivering meals, prescriptions and other essentials to older adults that can't or shouldn't be leaving their home.  One of those volunteers is Misty Burlingame, who volunteers after her daily work is done. 

Last week, one of her many calls to see what our older adult population needs resulted in a frantic call back a local resident named Barb - 'I need toilet paper!'  Misty searched around on her way home from work that day and found a pack of 12 rolls at Walmart, which she promptly delivered to Barb's door.  As if that wasn't enough, Misty found out that Barb had some older adult neighbor's that might also need someone to check in on them, which Barb did immediately.  

This kind of community spirit and willingness to go above and beyond is why our community will emerge from this crisis stronger than ever.  When talking with Misty she shared her favorite quote with us, and we thought we should share it with you;

Richard Rohr-"Love always means going beyond yourself to otherness".

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