Katrina's Story



Using a grant from the COVID-19 response coalition created by Greater Ottawa County United Way, The Community Foundation of the the Holland/Zeeland Area, and Grand Haven Area Community Good Samaritan Ministries was able to prevent homelessness for many new families this week, including the Karlson's.  This family of four had struggled with homelessness and sustainable housing for months, and although employed, amid the deepening effects of the COVID-19 crisis couldn't find affordable housing.  Through this new funding to Good Samaritan, the Karslons moved into a new apartment with the security deposit and the first month's rent covered, allowing them to get through this difficult time.  “They literally saved my family,” Karlsons says.  Because of the gifts to the Coalition's Emergency Human Needds Fund, Katrina, her family, and many others will get through this together, united.  Give to the fund or volunteer at https://www.ottawaunitedway.org/covid-19-response-fund-and-mitigation-information

Read the full article from Rapid Growth Media here: https://www.rapidgrowthmedia.com/features/emergency_housing.aspx