LHA Committees

The Lakeshore Housing Alliance (formerly the Ottawa Area Housing Alliance) functions primarily as a planning consortium, with much of the coalition’s work occurring through a number of standing committees and task forces. 

Standing committees

  • The Executive Committee provides general oversight of all activities, including directing the efforts of the Lakeshore Housing Alliance’s coordinator(s).
  • The Allocation and Accountability Committee is responsible for the distribution of federal and state funds for housing services. This committee includes representatives of all non-funded member agencies.
  • The Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) provides a coordinated and comprehensive homelessness data management system. Participating agencies, including the Lakeshore Housing Alliance, meet routinely to review and analyze data.

In addition to the standing committees, a number of shorter-term task forces or ad hoc committees are created to respond to specific issues. Some were formed by the Lakeshore Housing Alliance in response to a particular issue or need, while others were formed by an affiliated group or organization with representation by members of the coalition.