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Take Action: Earned Income Tax Credit 

The Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a tax credit for working families who have low earnings. Families with children receive a larger credit. Michigan’s current EITC—at just 6% of the federal credit— provides a huge help to working families struggling to make ends meet by boosting after-tax incomes. The EITC pulls Michigan families above the poverty line and delivers long-lasting benefits to children in these families. In tax year 2019, about 738,380 families statewide received an average credit of $150, putting more than $110 million back into the local economy. But the EITC should do more. Fully restoring Michigan’s EITC to 20% of the federal credit—to its 2011 level—would mean an average credit of $499 for these families. 

Allegan Impact


Watch the video below for an EITC tutorial from our friends at United Way for Southwest Michigan:



Consider communicating with your State Legislators, expressing your support for an increase to the EITC. Click the link below to submit a letter of support. 






There are many ways that you can advocate. See below for ways you can create social change in your local community.



Contact your representative in Congress about an Education, Financial Stability, Health or nonprofit strengthening issue.



Learn how your community ranks in academic attainment, income stability and health. Use the United Way Common Good Forecaster, a powerful online tool that lets people see for themselves how improving the education level has a positive impact on several key economic and social measures.



Host a community conversation with your friends, coworkers or neighbors. Learn about what people say are their aspirations for your community and talk about how you can work together to address challenges.



Use social media tools to educate your friends and networks about an issue you care about.